I am going to Sway! I got the bronze level sponsorship! Whoop whoop!! I am so excited but also freaking out inside lol I get to meet Val, Maks, Zendaya and whoever else is in the program!

We will all expect a play-by-play immediately after. I suggest you bring a notepad & pen to take notes. :P But no seriously that’s awesome! I hope I can swing something! 

This has started playing at the gym all the damn time and it makes me so happy.

Old news but still think it’s rad this cover made it on Ryan Seacrest’s page :)

Contemplating buying tickets to Sway…the problem is I’m from Canada so it would obviously be a fairly big trip (but I’ve needed a bigger reason to travel to NY so….) and I saw the location is in Westbury. I’m just curious if anybody in the fandom knows much about the surrounding area and whatnot :)

Z is driving?


this isn’t valdaya related but i saw someone post a video that i’m assuming is from her IG and… when she turned the camera to the side to lick her finger i didn’t see a dent or any hair straying to the side to indicate someone was in the passenger seat or if anything, driving. Idk… i mean now that…

I personally also concur. I think she is the driver, and looking in the windows, it looks like things are moving so. I dunno. 


How much do you want to bet that NeNe and Tony will be eliminated next week. Not bc of votes but just bc Tony called on the producers BS. I hate that they do that to the celeb and the pro its so unfair. If they switch up then do it every week if not stick to original partners.

Oh I’m positive too. I think it’ll be a combination of both, unfortunately. I think from the beginning they’ve tried to make them seem like a villainous couple. Tony has been a lot more outspoken, very defensive, and they keep trying to highlight it in really negative ways. Even after he tried to speak out about the situation and how he clearly stated that even NeNe was shocked at the package, I still see so many people (mainly women…) saying horrid things about her! Despite any feelings anybody might have about her because of RHoA, it’s clear she never wants to hurt Tony! 

My only hope is that maybe it’ll be Drew next week :/ I’m hoping the semi-shocker of Cody being eliminated will wake people up because while NeNe isn’t the best dancer and won’t win, she’s still better than Drew. Ugh. I’m still so mad about it. When I watched it, my first comment to my mom was “He’s pissed about the editing.” - it was so blatant and obvious and ugkhreagklhaelkwgjawelkf I’M STILL RAGING ABOUT IT >=(


In that gif of Val with Danica, he says "Who's happy?" LMAO! If you saw the otrc interview, you'll understand why he said that!

The more I look at it, the more it looks like that to be honest. The first time I saw it my first thought was he was saying “What’s happening” LOL he just looked so serious and intense, I dunno haha 




I find this incredibly amusing. 

Lol what part of the show is this from?

What did he say???

It’s after the opening sequence and after all the pros are standing with their stars… no idea what he says lol

I’m browsing YouTube and came across Z’s version of All Of Me and the ad before it was for condoms and it made me feel pretty uncomfortable. Lol

I find this incredibly amusing.